Coastal Fitness Performance Training簡介

CFPT is the premier strength and conditioning facility in Hong Kong. Community driven, we are holistic in our approach and relentless in our pursuit of health and fitness for all.

We believe that fitness should be broad and encompassing. For one to be truly fit they need to be able to perform any physical task exceptionally well. To achieve this, we follow the mixed modal concept of fitness brought to us by Crossfit. We combine the successful training methodologies of traditional strength training, Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics and monostructural work of varying lengths and intensity’s into a scientifically backed programme.

Where do we differ from a normal crossfit training programme? Crossfit has traditionally strayed away from structured strength and conditioning principles in favour of constant variance. We know that for longevity and continual improvement there needs to be some basic structure in order to avoid an inevitable plateau.

The CFPT fitness model prides itself on long-term success in fitness by providing a programme which challenges, tests, and improves specific areas of fitness. We have taken the guess work out of traditional ‘conditioning’ training, by following a structured and progressive Energy System Training model. Are you more powerful than enduring? Can you run a marathon but walk a sprint? Applied energy system training ensures continual development in all of these areas, thus developing what we believe to be true ‘fitness’. In combination with periodised strength training, we believe this to be a winning formula.