Bubble Football hong Kong簡介

We are enthusiastic in promoting this new wonderful game “Bubble Football” in Hong Kong! Guarantee you fun and sweating after a hectic day of your busy city life in HK!

BUBBLE FOOTBALL is in town!!! This funny game has been spreading its popularity to U.K., America, Australia, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and finally to HONG KONG!!

Bubble football is all about smashing into each other, bouncing and bumping around and rolling across the grass in a giant inflatable zorb-like ball to fight for possession of the football and to score!

At the end of the day you would figure out it doesn’t hurt at all, it’s like you are actually in a bubble and if you land just right you can bounce right back up on to your feet. So what you are going to see are non-stop laughter not only from the players but also the audience!! What makes it of more fun is a mix of male and female players! Not a privilege for only male playing football now ! There is no age limit that all are welcome to experience this awesome sport!